No matter how much you may have wanted your divorce, the aftermath is not ideal. You have to adjust to a completely new life, with new living arrangements, new financial circumstances, and new people around you. Whether you had an amicable divorce or a challenging one, you may feel depressed afterward. This guide provides actionable tips to help you overcome post-divorce depression.

Acknowledge What You’re Leaving Behind

With divorce, you’re not just losing a significant other. There are other elements of your life you may have to leave behind. It’s important to come to terms with that. Some people benefit from writing a goodbye letter, where they write down all the things they would like to say to the things they may not see again. Even if you don’t write a letter, take time to acknowledge and appreciate these pieces of your past. Your old house, your old car, your pets, your furniture – bring closure to the memories you have with them so you can move forward.

Embrace the Changes to Come

Change can feel scary at times, but it can also be exciting and liberating. After you look back on your past, look ahead at the amazing future that’s in store for you. Find reasons to celebrate, even if they seem small for now. Perhaps the divorce allows you to move closer to your family, or maybe you can work longer hours to earn more money. This next chapter may give you a chance to find new hobbies, make new friends, or go back to a life you used to love. All of this excitement will slowly chip away at post-divorce depression.

Find Ways to Get Human Touch

You receive a lot of casual human touch in a marriage, from hugs goodbye to brushing up against each other at night. After a divorce, you may unknowingly crave that touch again. You don’t have to go to extremes to fulfill these needs. Get a massage. Get a pedicure. Hug your friends when you see them. Snuggle with your kids on the couch for movie night. There are many ways to interact with other people, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Talk to a Therapist

With depression counseling or post-divorce therapy, you can get personalized advice to overcome depression. The strategies that work for someone else may not work well for you. For instance, we mentioned the importance of embracing the future. You might benefit from creating a vision board with goals for your next chapter. You may do better writing down your goals and attainable ways to achieve them. Your therapist will help you find solutions fit for your life, your personality and your experiences.

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