Life can be overwhelming at times, but it shouldn’t feel like a constant source of stress. This pressure can impact all areas of your life, from productivity at work to communication in your relationship. In order to preserve your mental health, you need to know how to de-stress effectively. Check out these stress management tips from MHR Memphis counseling centers.

Get Rid of Physical and Emotional Clutter

Being surrounded by clutter will naturally make you feel stressed. This applies to your physical surroundings, as well as emotional clutter. Are you still holding onto experiences from the past? Would bringing closure to those experiences allow you to live a better, more stress-free life?

Dedicate 15 minutes of each day to reducing physical clutter. Clean off your desk at work, fold that pile of clothes in your laundry room, organize the mess under the sink – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 15 minutes. As for your emotional clutter, talk to a therapist about your experiences. Find coping mechanisms that work well for you, and learn how to build a positive support system.

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Take a Break from Technology

Another way to de-stress is to take a break from technology. Stay off social media for a week, a month, or however long you need. Reduce your time in front of the TV, and opt to read a book instead. Schedule fun activities with friends, or spend some time doing absolutely nothing. Your mind will appreciate the freedom.

Separate Large Projects into Small Tasks

If you feel overwhelmed by large projects, break them up into smaller projects. For instance, you don’t have to clean your entire home. Focus on the hall closet first. Then the master closet. Then the master bedroom. These projects seem much easier to achieve, and they will gradually add up to the larger one. Remember, you eat a meal one bite at a time. Any progress you make is good progress.

Request a Mental Health Day from Work

It may be time to take a mental health day from work. This might be paid or unpaid, depending on your employer’s policy. Reserve a day just for you. Complete some of the projects that have been weighing on your mind, or spend the day catching up on sleep. This time off will give you a chance to reset, so you can come back to work refreshed and revitalized.